Wednesday, 26 November 2014

you remind me of the babe. what babe? the babe with the power.

Yo guys, sorry I haven't been on here in about a million years. Sixth year is very busy and the time is literally flying by. As I mentioned last time, I went to Amsterdam a couple of months ago and had a pretty cool time. Everyone there speaks English and the vibe is awesome. Some snaps from then~

Also went to a friend's 18th birthday ceilidh last week, danced in bare feet with loose hair and got a bit shit-faced on vodka and cranberry juice. Had a great time with some awesome people ~ photo creds to maarji ;* ~
I look so disdainful here and I don't even know what my hair is doing haha

Have been staying in school till the early evening with above bae to finish our dissertations too. Mine is on loss of innocence in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and it's been really interesting. I absolutely love the original illustrations by Tenniel; they're so detailed and lovely. 

Because of this, we've been leaving school when it's dark, which is a very odd feeling. That said, you can't beat a generic pretty sunset shot. 

The dissertation is now done and dusted - for now - so hopefully I'll have some more free time to dedicate to other things, like this. 
Here are some tunes that have been keeping me going through the weeks, they are soooo bomb for chilling out ~

Hope your week and school and work and everything is going well!!
love Kit xo

Sunday, 19 October 2014

hey shady baby I'm yours

Hey dudes, how's it been hangin? I've been so tied up with school work lately I've had barely any time to myself. Recently my dad had a training course with his work in Amsterdam, so we flew out for the weekend to leach on his expenses etc. It was so lovely there and as my dad's job could take us anywhere, we're thinking of moving out there when my little sister's a bit older - sounds kind of rad.

I've been neglecting this thing for a bit now, and I feel bad -  I keep promising myself I'll update it but never find the time. 

SO recently I've been getting massively into analogue photography, as you may or may not know. I've amassed an awfully irresponsible number of film-taking cameras and carry at least one on my at all times. In school this year I'm doing a Higher course in photography and so far it's been fantastic - since it's the beginning of the year we're focusing on how photography was created which involves, obviously, film. This means I've been able to use a dark room and proper developing chemicals and the like, and I have loved every bit of it.
A lovely girl in my class offered to scan in a couple of my favourite recent prints,  so here they are.

^Taken on a beach in America^

^Vintage hanging lamp in the gorgeous cabin we stayed in over the summer^

^Road trip in my best friend's camper van to Aberdeen to go to a university open day (boke)^

 ^Taken in my school's chapel, for my photography project.^

Also, the other day my friends and I went on a cute trip out to Hermiston gate, a further out part of Edinburgh, on a tram. The trams are relatively new here and we decided to test them out, whilst also giving us an excuse to go the Krispy Kreme they have there. Hey, they're rare in the UK!
So, I made a little film of what we did. It was nice.

A couple of tunes I've been loving;

Hope you've all been well,

-Kit xox

Monday, 8 September 2014

a flood of blood to the heart

Hi dudes, remember me? Sorry I've been an awful blogger lately - life has caught up with me since school started and I'm struggling to keep pace as it is.
A small list of notable things that have happened since I dumped all my teenagery feelings on here;

1) I've started my last year of secondary education and still can't quite get my head around being the oldest in the school.

2) I'm doing subjects I actually am interested in and really enjoy?? A very odd feeling.

3) I got blissfully drunk last weekend on bad wine, rum and Irn Bru (not combined) (usually) and ended up going swimming with some pals on North Berwick beach. In the ocean. In September. Naked. 

4) Told the story of Persephone through interpretive dance in my advanced higher English class. (I, playing Persephone herself, portrayed her with the art of techno-rave, obviously.)

5) Read The Virgin Suicides and fell in love with it.

6) Started volunteering with a scheme that buddies you with a child from an underprivileged background to provide a friend, role model and mentor.

7) GOT A JOB. 

It's weird; at this moment in time I feel like I can almost sense my life moving forward, expanding and stretching and covering new things, soaking up more knowledge and forming relationships with new people. I'm cautiously enjoying it, but the looming stresses of applying for universities or even going to one is freaking me out already. 

On a lighter note, due to my recent influx in income (what a mouthful), I recently bought a gorgeous pair of vintage jeans for about a tenner in the haven that is Armstrong's Vintage Emporium. Here's a wee ootd from the other day.

The soundtrack to the past week or so;

As it's late and I've had roughly 7 hours sleep over this entire weekend, I'll leave it at that for now. Sorry for neglecting this thing and hope to see you soon!

-Kit xoxo

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Shake it like a polaroid picture

Hey babes, how's everyone's summer? I have just realized I start back at school startlingly soon and I have wasted my holiday spectacularly.

I'm going to try and get into the habit of posting shorter, more regular blog updates, instead of putting it off for weeks and then spewing everything out in one massive post. I think that way I'll force myself into productivity. Hopefully.

I also wanna start doing a lot more ootds, mostly because I like what I wear more now and want to try new things. Here's as summery as it's going to get; warm-ish Edinburgh looks.

got some hella cute earrings, and finally changed my second lobe piercing ones.


So, here is the story of this cute old polaroid I got from my gran a couple of weeks ago.

First off, look at this box. 90's chic, am I right?

tulip hair?? bring this back please.

The prints though.

I was telling my gran about how much I loved the excitement of handing in photos to get developed, and showing her a bunch of old cameras I've collected over the years. Off-hand, she mentioned owning a polaroid camera sometime ago, and that was that. 
A few days later, she calls me and says "I found that old camera I was telling you about - it's been sitting in  a box for about 16 years so you can have it if you want."
 Turns out, when I was born she wasn't allowed to see me or mum straight away as I was a cesarean and everyone needed some rest. 
Pissed off she couldn't show photos of me to all her friends, my gran stormed out and bought the first instant camera she saw, used it once, and never touched it again. There's still film in there! I want to get it working again but the battery is dead and I haven't had time to look into it.

This thing is like a dinosaur. Or a transformer.

See? Transformer.

   So now I am in possession of a camera that is nearly exactly as old as I am. I think it's pretty cool.

I have a lot more to do and a ton more pictures to post and stuff to say but I'll leave that for another time. Stay chill, 
-Kit xox

 ^the actual best^

I am so obsessed with this type of music? It's so odd, I feel like I'm regressing through time with my music and camera tastes. Wait till I show you guys this amazing pentax an elderly friend gave me, it's beautiful.

This is just a fantastic song. Everyone needs to have a bit of Rolling Stones in their life. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Let's Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster

Hello doves, hope your summer is going well. 
The other day I accidentally pulled an all nighter and it was lovely. I don't really know what happened - I was reading and on tumblr for a bit and then I saw it was half three and thought, well, go big or go home.

 Around four the light started streaming through the curtains and it looked so fresh and clean. Does that make sense? I so badly wanted to go outside but didn't want to wake the house up. My friend and I have arranged to meet up at about three in the morning soon though - there's something being outside when everyone is sleeping that makes you feel incredibly special and calm. No matter the weather the light is so pure and new and you can almost feel it flowing through your veins. 
Coming from someone who easily sleeps till midday during the holidays, this feels weird even from me, but I definitely think getting up incredibly early is very rewarding - even if you crawl back into your bed later.

The other day I also got this cute top from the Topshop 'retro' section, where independent designers upcycle old clothes. I am in love with it and had to show you guys. It's been cropped at the bottom but because it's quite large so hangs just above my belly button - somehow it's still flattering. 

Also, I also got my roll of film developed!! I was worried they would all be ruined as I had thought all the film had been rewound into the canister after I had taken all 24 pictures but it hadn't; and so some of the film got exposed to the light when I opened the back. In the end I lost about ten pictures, including some really gorgeous ones of my friend smoking, but at this point I'm not too fussed as I'm so happy with how these turned out. 

this is probably one of my favourite photos, mainly because of the light flare at the bottom. The colours are so lovely and I love the quality - it's grainy but you can still make out details.

 I'm so chuffed with these and cannot wait to take hundreds more and use all my money and fill up this photobook and experiment with the other cameras I've got.

I'll leave you with this cute cover of No Angels by Bastille & Ella - I really like the original but they do this cover so well.

Lots of love, 
-Kit xox