Sunday, 6 April 2014


Yo dudes, how's it hanging? Stuff has been happening in my life, I guess.
School's out and it feels like spring is forcing its way into our lives - it's long overdue. The weather was great today, so have some pretty things caused by the sun.

Even the cats were taking advantage of the warmth!

So, first day of the holidays. It's been a busy weekend; I came home from school on Friday and had to wash my hair before going to a maths tutor, and after that scrambled to a party. We had to leave early due to my ride being a bit ill but it wasn't a horrible night. After staying over at hers we watched the newest episode of Hannibal - cue screaming - and lazed about. 

That evening I had a date and it was pretty lovely. We went to some indie café where they had non-branded and over-priced cola and I'm pretty sure there was hemp hanging from the ceiling - but we sat in a corner surrounded by glass and the sun streaming in and talked for over an hour. We stayed too long so there weren't enough seats in the small cinema we had planned on going to but we hopped on a bus and went to a larger one in town and saw Noah instead of The Grand Budapest Hotel as previously planned. It wasn't as awful as the reviews said and the visuals are pretty amazing, and we had a running commentary through out which was fun ('I do not want to see Hermione give fake birth!'). I was back a bit late and had to babysit my sister when I got back but I had a great time.

Am loving Sky Ferreira at the moment, and I'm so feeling this song 

I'm meeting up with a friend tomorrow and really need to settle down to some revision. It feels a bit wrong forcing myself to work during the holiday but what can you do? Exams are so close it's scary, I'm woefully under-prepared at the moment. I need some decent motivation - somehow the fact that these exam results will dictate my entire life and affect my uni choices and career isn't quite doing it for me. Despite that I've been feeling good mentally - but maybe that's just the dopamine. 

I love this song at the moment - it's quietly happy (and irritatingly catchy). 

Hope you guys have a good Easter,
-Kit x

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hello doves, hope your week is going well - it's drawing to an end, luckily! Tomorrow is our last day of term before we break up for Easter and I can't wait. I really need the rest, highlighted by the fact that today mum and I slept in by an hour. Well done us! We told the school I had a dentist appointment. What they don't know won't hurt them.

Our short film was finally finished - after staying late after school several days to film and then spending a good few hours staring at a mind-numbing screen and overlaying audio and video so they corresponded accordingly. It was worth it though, and we won the most awards out of any of the other films being shown - Best Soundtrack, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director. I'm very proud.
We were randomly assigned two genres to shape it around, but most of us veered pretty far of the track. Never the less, it was such a laugh seeing everyone's films, if a bit bitter-sweet as it was the sixth year's last Oscars.
Some shots from our western/rom-com, 'No Country For Young Ladies'

I'm going to post the full video later I think, I'm not sure whether I should put it on facebook as some people might not want it to be seen.

To celebrate the end of term, have a song with the best guitar riffs by Temples.

-Kitty x