Monday, 8 September 2014

a flood of blood to the heart

Hi dudes, remember me? Sorry I've been an awful blogger lately - life has caught up with me since school started and I'm struggling to keep pace as it is.
A small list of notable things that have happened since I dumped all my teenagery feelings on here;

1) I've started my last year of secondary education and still can't quite get my head around being the oldest in the school.

2) I'm doing subjects I actually am interested in and really enjoy?? A very odd feeling.

3) I got blissfully drunk last weekend on bad wine, rum and Irn Bru (not combined) (usually) and ended up going swimming with some pals on North Berwick beach. In the ocean. In September. Naked. 

4) Told the story of Persephone through interpretive dance in my advanced higher English class. (I, playing Persephone herself, portrayed her with the art of techno-rave, obviously.)

5) Read The Virgin Suicides and fell in love with it.

6) Started volunteering with a scheme that buddies you with a child from an underprivileged background to provide a friend, role model and mentor.

7) GOT A JOB. 

It's weird; at this moment in time I feel like I can almost sense my life moving forward, expanding and stretching and covering new things, soaking up more knowledge and forming relationships with new people. I'm cautiously enjoying it, but the looming stresses of applying for universities or even going to one is freaking me out already. 

On a lighter note, due to my recent influx in income (what a mouthful), I recently bought a gorgeous pair of vintage jeans for about a tenner in the haven that is Armstrong's Vintage Emporium. Here's a wee ootd from the other day.

The soundtrack to the past week or so;

As it's late and I've had roughly 7 hours sleep over this entire weekend, I'll leave it at that for now. Sorry for neglecting this thing and hope to see you soon!

-Kit xoxo


  1. your outfit is super cute! it's so cool that your life is "moving forward". i think i can sort of relate, sort of. your life seems pretty sweet at the moment. x

    1. thanks! haha, i guess when i talk about my life like that it sounds alright, but in my head everything is rushing past and i'm stumbling to keep up; i just have recently had some weird and new experiences, i suppose. school is soooo stressful, i want to go back to primary when all the hard work was staying within the colouring lines!x

  2. Just stumbled across your blog! I remember reading the Virgin Suicides for the first time and then watching the film-it was one of the things that introduced me to Sofia Coppola's movies :) And I get what you mean about life moving forward and having a hard time keeping up, it's almost like life feels like it's moving too slow until it seems to be going too fast if you know what I mean :)

    1. unfortunately I do! I'm cautiously enjoying it though, because i know it could change at any second. I haven't actually seen the movie of the Virgin Suicides yet - I'm worried it'll be similar to the Bling Ring, the last Coppola film I watched. I really didn't like it very much and don't want to see one of my now favorite books adapted in the same light! I'll probably give it a shot though :)

  3. Ah, The Virgin Suicides. It changed everything.