Sunday, 30 March 2014


 Happy mothering Sunday! Today has been slow as we try and piece ourselves back together for the week ahead. Everyone's a bit exhausted but it was a lazy day so we're not too bad.
I've been struck down with some horrible virus that has invaded my life, but hopefully the worst is over. Despite it I've managed to do two large dance shows and not fall too behind in schoolwork; run-down is my constant state at the moment. On the bright side a very gorgeous and extremely lovely boy has told me he liked me and wants to see me again after spending most of a previously mentioned party taking and catching up. I'm looking forward to next weekend already.

The film we are making for our school Oscar's project is nearly ready too; it should be, as the showing is on Wednesday. I'm a bit stressed (no change there) because we haven't actually finished the filming and I have a lot to edit, and our software is unreliable at best. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!
At least this is our last week before the Easter break. I'm really looking forward to it as I'm meeting up with a friend who I barely have time to see nowadays and I'll have a chance to do some hardcore revision (cry). Hopefully a second date will come along as well.

Man, this is two of my favourite things; Iggy and Clueless. I am still so obsessed with this song.

Hope things are well for you,
Kitty x

Sunday, 23 March 2014


yoooo lovelies, how is life? Things are a bit up in the air for me at the moment. School is hard but the end is in sight, I guess I've just got to get through it. I've been so busy recently, and the stress of everything is taking its toll on me. I went to a party last Friday after a school concert and talked to some cute people but I felt like death, so hopefully I didn't make an awful impression on them. I'm shattered. 

The other day I got home early in the evening and to escape the house, I went on a run up a big hill to get some pictures of the sunset. It's nice now the days are getting longer. Edinburgh is a sprawling city.

in love with this at the moment

-Kitty x

Monday, 3 March 2014

sand and sea

Couple of shots from a beach trip we took the other day. We found a mysterious stone with a hole punched through it hanging on a tree; no idea how it got there. My younger sister, Edie, thought it was great and took it home with her. It was cold, but luckily we all had a couple thousand layers on so we survived. Finally felt like we were leaving the worst of the weather behind us! That said, it started raining as we got in the car to drive home. Oh well.

Found a great playlist on 8tracks and am getting into some awesome bands at the moment. This is one of my favourites right now, the music video is a bit odd but I love it all the same.

-Kitty x

Sunday, 2 March 2014


March 1st is over, and technically, so is winter. Not that you'd know it here in Edinburgh, but the sky is getting fading from grey to blue and the wind isn't so biting any more. It's quite a shock to the system how the months are slipping through our fingers, so i guess we should try to hold them tighter. The time ahead looks scary for me, mostly because exams are looming ever closer. I'm trying to ignore them. I can't wait for summer. Hope all is well for you guys.

-Kit x