Wednesday, 26 November 2014

you remind me of the babe. what babe? the babe with the power.

Yo guys, sorry I haven't been on here in about a million years. Sixth year is very busy and the time is literally flying by. As I mentioned last time, I went to Amsterdam a couple of months ago and had a pretty cool time. Everyone there speaks English and the vibe is awesome. Some snaps from then~

Also went to a friend's 18th birthday ceilidh last week, danced in bare feet with loose hair and got a bit shit-faced on vodka and cranberry juice. Had a great time with some awesome people ~ photo creds to maarji ;* ~
I look so disdainful here and I don't even know what my hair is doing haha

Have been staying in school till the early evening with above bae to finish our dissertations too. Mine is on loss of innocence in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and it's been really interesting. I absolutely love the original illustrations by Tenniel; they're so detailed and lovely. 

Because of this, we've been leaving school when it's dark, which is a very odd feeling. That said, you can't beat a generic pretty sunset shot. 

The dissertation is now done and dusted - for now - so hopefully I'll have some more free time to dedicate to other things, like this. 
Here are some tunes that have been keeping me going through the weeks, they are soooo bomb for chilling out ~

Hope your week and school and work and everything is going well!!
love Kit xo


  1. Oh boy, lots of things to say:
    1. The title of your post. David Bowie is a god, is he not?
    2. I love how your shots from Amsterdam are so close-up and frame such a nice little scene
    3. Alice in Wonderland illustrations are the best ever. I spent a summer drawing each one (it's actually really fun to do when you're bored)
    4. Alt-J and Tame Impala and Kate Bush oh my word. Also I quite like the vibes from that Toots and the Maytals song- I will have to check out more of them.
    5. I love your blog and I'm so glad I chanced upon it just now. Excuse me while I go read all your other posts....

    1. haha I love this, sorry for the late reply!
      1) yes, Bowie is literally the highest power there is I think?
      2) thank you so much, it's such a beautiful place tbh
      3) that's such a good idea! I think they're so detailed and I just love the style
      4) I am obsessed with all of them at the moment oh man
      5) haha thanks again, that's so sweet of you! I love yours, it's awesome and I love your triceratops drawing (and everything in general)