Thursday, 4 June 2015

Blister in the Sun

Yo kids, I am Officially Done with high school exams! For ever! 

I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I really won't be coming back to this school next August and won't see most of these people ever again, except at reunion things. Our last few weeks of school are being spent wandering around in civvies and getting seminars on various aspects of the life that will await us once we are let loose one more time, covering things such as meningitis, budgeting and dealing with a person who is suicidal. All very cheery stuff as you can see, but necessary all the same. To counteract this we also have events like writing sentimental pieces on each other's scrolls, free ice creams, a trip to the beach and leaving our handprints in paint in the common room. It's nice to hang out with friends and not have to worry about the immediate future. 

The weather is set to get a little better at least. It's been completely screwed up here recently, producing the occasional furious spats of hail and grey skies. The wind is not as cold and maybe the sun will make an appearance this month. God, can you believe it's June already? Still can't get my head around the whole 'time' thing tbh.

A short time before my exams began I went to London for a few days to see some friends. As usual, it was much more sunny and warm than Scotland.

Whilst I was there I also got a chance to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition, 'Savage Beauty', at the V&A. It was stunning, and the design of the space was so beautiful and really enhanced the clothing. The final room is stacked to the rafters with some of his statement pieces and there were screens playing snippets from shows, as well as some of the larger dresses rotating in their shelves. It was so intense and detailed, I think everyone spent a good half hour in that room alone. Just before the exit there was an amazing glass prism in a darkened room, which featured a hologram of Kate Moss spinning in it surrounded by a floating white dress. It was for one of McQueen's last exhibitions 'Widows Of Culloden' and it was gorgeous.
I found a video from the actual event in Paris; it's a shame it's not in a higher definition but the real thing was pin sharp and so amazing to watch.

I'll leave you with some jams to smooth out any anxieties you might have about the end of this school/uni year. This first one is so addictive - a chill version of You're The One That I Want. And I thought Grease couldn't be improved upon.

Sending good vibes your way, 
Kit xx