Thursday, 29 January 2015

You dip your fingers in the water, You wonder what's your punishment

Hey dudes, how's it been going? I feel bad I've been so absent on here lately but as I have mentioned before, sixth year is hectic af.
Some pretty cool things have been happening since we last spoke, so I'll try and give you a little whirlwind tour of what's been going down.

1) So, I am now officially Dancing Queen for a year! Yup, very quietly and accidentally I turned 17 on the 26th of January 2015. I'm kind of glad because now I don't feel so young compared to my friends, but there are people in my year at school who are already 18 so really, not much is changing. I think as I get older birthdays become less of an issue to me, which I find quite sad. I used to get so excited about them, and still try to, but this year especially I was too busy to think about it and only remembered a few days before. I guess it's a part of growing up but the realisation that nice shit is expensive is a harsh realisation. For christmas I got an instax mini which I was really chuffed about, and these are from my birthday meal with my friends and family (I'm on the right).

2) I was accepted onto a screenwriting course with the British Film Institute, so in a week or so I will be traveling down to Newcastle to develop the scripts that we've been working on and get to attend several masterclasses with industry professionals, as well as meeting 23 other young people from all over the UK with the same interests as me! I went down for the introductory weekend earlier this month and made friends with a lot of awesome people, and I'm really looking forward to going back. 
I'm slightly worried as I don't think scriptwriting is really what I'm best at, but I'm trying to improve  at it so I'm more well rounded in terms of filmmaking. I much prefer visually constructing shots and directing and editing, but have always loved writing stories and reading. I think I just find the process of creating a story idea from start to finish a lot more arduous and not as visually satisfying, but in order for a film to work the plot has to has some substance, right? But anyways, it's been a pretty awesome experience so far and I'm going to be taking lots of pictures when I'm away - I've never been to Newcastle before!

3) Discovered a lot of really fab music lately, to procrastinate revising for prelims. 
My dad got me the Young Fathers latest album DEAD and I love it. What makes it even cooler is the three guys who form the group are all from Edinburgh, where I live, and two went to the high school I live right beside! But on a musical note, their stuff is great and quite hard to describe. I guess I'd say grunge, synth, a bit of rap? Try em out, my favourite tracks on this album are probably 'JUST ANOTHER BULLET', 'AM I NOT YOUR BOY' and 'WAR'.

I've also discovered Jamie T, and have fallen in love with several tracks of his. He's got a pretty chill vibe and I find all his stuff so catchy;

There are a ton of other awesome musicians I've come across lately but I'll end with some of my favourite songs at the moment:

Grimes - 'Go'

Frank Ocean - 'Forrest Gump'

Joywave - 'Tongues'

4) Doesn't really warrant a point on the list I don't think but took a few cute shots whilst making sushi with my little sister. From my grandparents this christmas we got a box full of sushi making kit - a rather eclectic present but one that was well received all the same! 

I've also got quite a few nice bits and bobs clothing wise recently so I think I'll save it and do a cumulative ootd sort of post later on. Hope this wasn't too long for you guys!

Wish you all the best,
Kit x