Monday, 9 February 2015

Here comes the sun

Yo dudes, how's it going?
I am finally on February break from school, which so far has been great. For some reason my school's holiday is a week earlier than everyone else's, but I'm not complaining. 

Today I finished writing my script for the course I'm going on next week - it's a bit convoluted and over 2000 words but I'll be doing a lot of editing whilst I'm down there. At the end of the week there's a showcase of our finished scripts with a read-through by actors, so I hope mine will be up to scratch!

I think winter is starting to leave now, and I'm glad. I've been hyper aware that the days have been getting longer, which has led to seeing some amazing skies recently and general pretty views. My mum also got a phone upgrade, so I got her old iPhone 5, which has a fantastic camera in comparison to my old version 4. 

As some of you may know, I am in my last year at a Scottish secondary school, so I am in sixth year. As a sixth year we have a special area, which consists of the year teacher's offices, a common room (with a second hand xbox and pool table), a study room (which has desks and computers) as well as a teeny tiny kitchen, that is comprised of a sink, a microwave and a water boiler. I have spent most of my year so far in there, drinking instant coffee with too much sugar in it. 
I've been trying to take lots of photos with my new phone, so here are some of the study room one early morning.

(that's a custard cream btw) (lol)

It's cute, the study room is covered in the hand prints of former sixth years. The windows need a bit of a clean but its always nice and cosy in there.

I've also been taking advantage of the light on buses - I always sit near the back to limit the amount of people who see me taking random pictures but sometimes it looks so nice you have to do it anyway.

Photo taken off my insta, I am too obsessed with Frank Ocean lately.

I've been finishing work at a nice time too now; people are just starting to head home after a day out or are just starting to come out for evening meals. On my walk to the bus on this particular day almost everyone was stopping to take pictures - you can't see it very well here but if you looked down the road adjacent to this one, it looked like the sky was on fire in the distance.

This week I need to try and get some work done on my photography project for school, but who knows how that'll go. I'm wanting to source a nice notepad that has no lines too, so I can start journalling in earnest now that I've finally got some free time.

What's the sitch at your schools on stuff like common rooms? It's been different everywhere when I've asked friends so it would be cool to hear about yours.

Hope your week is going well so far,
Love Kit x