Friday, 11 July 2014

Let's Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster

Hello doves, hope your summer is going well. 
The other day I accidentally pulled an all nighter and it was lovely. I don't really know what happened - I was reading and on tumblr for a bit and then I saw it was half three and thought, well, go big or go home.

 Around four the light started streaming through the curtains and it looked so fresh and clean. Does that make sense? I so badly wanted to go outside but didn't want to wake the house up. My friend and I have arranged to meet up at about three in the morning soon though - there's something being outside when everyone is sleeping that makes you feel incredibly special and calm. No matter the weather the light is so pure and new and you can almost feel it flowing through your veins. 
Coming from someone who easily sleeps till midday during the holidays, this feels weird even from me, but I definitely think getting up incredibly early is very rewarding - even if you crawl back into your bed later.

The other day I also got this cute top from the Topshop 'retro' section, where independent designers upcycle old clothes. I am in love with it and had to show you guys. It's been cropped at the bottom but because it's quite large so hangs just above my belly button - somehow it's still flattering. 

Also, I also got my roll of film developed!! I was worried they would all be ruined as I had thought all the film had been rewound into the canister after I had taken all 24 pictures but it hadn't; and so some of the film got exposed to the light when I opened the back. In the end I lost about ten pictures, including some really gorgeous ones of my friend smoking, but at this point I'm not too fussed as I'm so happy with how these turned out. 

this is probably one of my favourite photos, mainly because of the light flare at the bottom. The colours are so lovely and I love the quality - it's grainy but you can still make out details.

 I'm so chuffed with these and cannot wait to take hundreds more and use all my money and fill up this photobook and experiment with the other cameras I've got.

I'll leave you with this cute cover of No Angels by Bastille & Ella - I really like the original but they do this cover so well.

Lots of love, 
-Kit xox

Monday, 7 July 2014

Dark Cloud Periods


Basically I just didn't feel I could do anything and no one wanted to hear about stuff that was happening in my life, and I just sort of curled myself into a ball of apathy and gloom. But it is officially the summer holidays now and has been for a good week, and I feel the need to make the most of this stretch of empty time as best I can. 
To force myself into a good state of mind, today I bought a pack of glitter pens and a notebook - now I have no excuse for not writing down the words that leak out my brain. If I write anything half decent I might post it on here, but I'm planning to try and make some short films soon and would like to incorporate them somehow, weather, time, and friends permitting. 

Ok, so recently things have happened surrounding my life;

1) I got my cartilage pierced! It hurt quite a bit and I nearly broke my friend's hand squeezing it (sorry maarji) but it was worth it and I am in love.

2) It sounds quite dumb but I've kind of given up with the whole 'straightening your curly hair till it's fried' thing. My hair has always been a big source of upset to me but now it's at a length where it isn't awfully frizzy and big when it's natural. I'm happy with it.
I'm not wearing any make up in this picture so I look pretty horrendous and it's a good few months old but I like the colours and the composition.

3) Sun's Out, Buns Out. Recently the weather here in Scotland has not been freezing and grey, which has been a pleasant change. In celebration, the twin bunlets made an appearance. You can't really see in these pictures but I like to do this style when my hair is a little dirty as it helps keep the shape better. I think these little hair clips are so sweet; I got four in a pack for a pound in Primark.

(gpoy but my eyeliner game is strong so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

4) Mhor Festival Fun! I couple of months ago I also went to a foodie festival with my family and my bestie n her fam. It was such a laugh and a nice way to end our study leave. There was an art installation when we were there called the mirror room, so we went to check it out. 



5) A Family Affair. My uncle Dom got married! We drove five hours down into England to see the ceremony, which was on the summer solstice. It was lovely and warm, and all the guests rode from the bride and groom's house to the private garden on a fantastic vintage bus. Apparently it was one of two in the world, and the only one that functioned.
 After the ceremony we went back to the house for the reception and my cousins and I proceeded to get rather tipsy on pear cider and make ourselves ill thanks to the tuck shop full of sweets that had been set up for the younger children. There was a lot of frankly awful dancing by the older guests due to the great sound system set up outside  I have a pretty massive extended family and they live all over, so it was nice seeing people again. 

Basically everyone there is a result of these two - gran & gramps. How trippy is that?

Bride Kerri in her flower headdress after the ceremony

The old bus had some killer furnishings.

Dom's brothers, sister and dad (my uncles, aunt and grandad - my dad didn't take part b/c he didn't have time to learn the routine woops) performed a song on bells. That is a thing that happened. It was so long.

6) No school for like 2 months hell yeah~
I'm going to America in a week or two - I am seriously so excited. I've been to France, Italy and Germany before, but that's about it - nowhere outside Europe. America is so foreign to me and I cannot wait to experience it - I'm bringing as many cameras as possible!

Speaking of which, I just filled up my first roll of film on one of the cute old cameras I bought at a fair thing the other week. My friend and I came across and old man sitting by a tarp covered with all kinds of weird electricals and spent a good half hour rifling through it. In the end I got four retro film-taking cameras, a camera case and three unused rolls of film for £3 in total. Best day ever. 


I also thought I'd update you guys on the (slow) progress of my Wreck It Journal again. I love pressing flowers so this was quite easy to put together. The big orange flower is actually an offcut from Kerri's bouquet, which I thought was so pretty - it matched her headdress.


So yeah, I'm going to try and update this a little more often as stuff should actually be going down in my life. Thank you to everyone who has said nice things and sorry for not responding or anything ily!!! To round off here are some rad tunes that I've been obsessed with lately.

Cage the Elephant's music videos are always so weird but I love them so much 

Ok this kills me seriously it's so good

Hope you're all having a great summer, lots of love
-Kit xoxo