Sunday, 19 October 2014

hey shady baby I'm yours

Hey dudes, how's it been hangin? I've been so tied up with school work lately I've had barely any time to myself. Recently my dad had a training course with his work in Amsterdam, so we flew out for the weekend to leach on his expenses etc. It was so lovely there and as my dad's job could take us anywhere, we're thinking of moving out there when my little sister's a bit older - sounds kind of rad.

I've been neglecting this thing for a bit now, and I feel bad -  I keep promising myself I'll update it but never find the time. 

SO recently I've been getting massively into analogue photography, as you may or may not know. I've amassed an awfully irresponsible number of film-taking cameras and carry at least one on my at all times. In school this year I'm doing a Higher course in photography and so far it's been fantastic - since it's the beginning of the year we're focusing on how photography was created which involves, obviously, film. This means I've been able to use a dark room and proper developing chemicals and the like, and I have loved every bit of it.
A lovely girl in my class offered to scan in a couple of my favourite recent prints,  so here they are.

^Taken on a beach in America^

^Vintage hanging lamp in the gorgeous cabin we stayed in over the summer^

^Road trip in my best friend's camper van to Aberdeen to go to a university open day (boke)^

 ^Taken in my school's chapel, for my photography project.^

Also, the other day my friends and I went on a cute trip out to Hermiston gate, a further out part of Edinburgh, on a tram. The trams are relatively new here and we decided to test them out, whilst also giving us an excuse to go the Krispy Kreme they have there. Hey, they're rare in the UK!
So, I made a little film of what we did. It was nice.

A couple of tunes I've been loving;

Hope you've all been well,

-Kit xox